Connect with confidence by knowing your buyer

As an introvert, you’re thoughtful, observant, and a great listener. But, it’s likely that you find it difficult to lead conversations and connect with extroverted buyers.

That's why we built a platform that helps you know your buyer.

Crystal for Introverts

As an introverted sales rep, you might face these problems:

While introversion gives you many natural strengths as a sales rep, your introspective nature can lead to potential challenges. You may experience fear of the unknown before sales calls and face difficulty in building rapport with more outgoing prospects.


Awkward small talk

You struggle in the early stages of the sales process, especially when it involves more personal, ambiguous, and unstructured conversations.



Slow moving deals

Your sales cycles may be much longer than expected, as you often struggle to create urgency in the sales process and drive your prospects to a yes/no decision.



Meeting fatigue

You often feel burnt out after a full day of video meetings, phone calls, and internal interactions, which drives down performance and job satisfaction long-term. 

Overcome call reluctance when reaching out to prospects

If you're an introvert, chances are you spend considerable time in your thoughts.

With Crystal, not only can you recognize your own strengths, but you can better understand your prospect's unique thoughts and preferences - so you can sell to them in a way that resonates with zero pressure.

Crystal for Introverts