Display personality data in your app

Using the Crystal API, your users can take a personality test in your app, and you can access their results.

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Once your users complete their personality test, you can access their personality data and display it anywhere within your application.

Embed the assessment in your app

We give you a snippet of code to embed the personality assessment in your app.

Your user takes a personality test

Your user can complete their personality assessment withour leaving your app.

Access personality data via API

Once your user completes the assessment, we return personality data that you can store and display in your app.

How it Works

Get an API Key

Create a account and then click here to get an API key.

Embed the code

Paste the code in your app. Your users never leave your UI.

Display personality data

Pull in data via the Crystal API to JSON and display it in your app.
Create a account and then visit this page to get started with the Crystal API
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