Predict anyone’s personality from text or a resume

Using the Crystal API, you can send unstructured text or a PDF resume, and get a full personality profile.

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Crystal can analyze unstructured text from biographies and resumes to identify anyone’s personality.

Gather unstructured text or PDF resumes

If you have PDF resume files or any text written by or about a person, we can analyze it to detect personality.

Send text or PDF files to Crystal

Use the Crystal API for Text Analysisto programmatically send Crystal your text or resumes.

Access personality data via API

Once analyzed, Crystal returns JSON personality data for each sample that you can display within your app.

Get Started

Get an API Key

Create a Crystal account and then click here to request an API key.

Implement the code

Use Crystal’s documentation to add the Text Analysis code to your app.

Display personality data

Pull in data via the Crystal API to JSON and display it in your app.
Create a free account and then visit this page to get started with the Crystal API.
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