Access your saved personality profiles

You can pull all personality profiles owned by your team to enrich your database or CRM.

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Use the Crystal API to integrate personality data into internal systems and CRMs.

Use Crystal to see anyone’s personality

With Crystal, your team can identify anyone’s personality by analyzing their social media profile.

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Access saved personality profiles

Each time your team views a prospect or candidate’s personality, the profile is saved to their account.


Integrate CRMs or internal databases

The Crystal API returns all of the saved profiles across all members of your team. Use it to create integrations to your CRM or internal tools.

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Get Started

Get an API key

Create a Crystal account and then click here to request an API key.

Implement the code

Use Crystal’s documentation to add the People API code to your app.

Display personality data

Access data via the Crystal API and integrate it to your CRM or internal database.
Create a free Crystal account then visit this page to get started with the People API
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