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ISTP Careers

ISTPs tend to thrive in environments that allow them to be independent and problem-solve at their own pace. They enjoy using their strengths in logical thinking and passionate curiosity to help improve the productivity and effectiveness of their team.

Myers-Briggs ISTP Energized at Work

ISTP personality types feel energized at work when...

  • They are asked to work independently.
  • Their boss directly addresses the task at hand.
  • Their peers are direct and motivated.
  • Their direct reports need very little guidance.

ISTPs tend to enjoy working on their own. They may feel overwhelmed if they are constantly required to work closely with a large group of people. They thrive in direct environments, in which everyone feels comfortable addressing problems they see.

Myers-Briggs ISTP Drained at work

ISTP personality types feel drained at work when...

  • They have to censor themselves to spare others’ feelings.
  • Their boss is easily offended by honest feedback.
  • Their peers are passive-aggressive.
  • Their direct reports need a great deal of affirmation.

ISTPs tend to feel frustrated by needing to withhold their thoughts. They’d rather work with people who can listen to feedback without taking it personally. ISTPs tend to feel comfortable receiving feedback, as well, and would prefer having coworkers who are comfortable giving it when needed.

Myers-Briggs ISTP Common Jobs

Common jobs for people with ISTP personality types

Mechanical Engineer
Because ISTPs tend to be naturally interested in learning how things work and finding practical solutions, they’d likely thrive as mechanical engineers. working independently.

As natural problem-solvers, ISTPs would make great mathematicians. They are analytical, practical, and able to catch even the smallest of details, which can be incredibly beneficial in mathematics.

ISTPs’ ability to remain calm, make careful, but quick decisions, and directly share their thoughts with others help them thrive as pilots. Though they’d work closely with a copilot and crew, much of the job would require them to stay quiet, which would like bring ISTPs peace of mind. 

Comfortable working with their hands to create something tangible and practical, ISTPs make great carpenters. They’re able to find solutions to problems as they go, adapting to the situation and implementing a practical fix in the moment. Carpentry would allow them plenty of personal space and independence, though they would likely need to work on comfortably following a more concrete plan to finish each project they start.

Resolving real-world, practical problems by physically fixing something is likely to energize ISTPs. Their ability to retain a lot of information comes in handy when learning about how cars and heavy machinery work. They tend to understand the fine differences between each model and are able to adapt their thinking as the situation unfolds.

First Responder
ISTPs able to stay calm in a crisis and make quick, logical decisions. They are naturally adaptable and can easily absorb all the information of a situation to make the most practical, sound choices, which can save lives in emergencies. Though they may need to work on improving their communication with others, they’d thrive as first responders.

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