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What is an ENTJ Personality Type
(The Visionary)?
People with an ENTJ personality type tend to be charismatic, direct, and logical in their behavior. They tend to avoid displays of emotion and may be perceived as cold in certain situations. They enjoy taking charge, working to achieve goals, and encouraging growth from those around them.


What is an ESTJ Personality Type
(The Commander)?
People with an ESTJ personality type tend to be organized, loyal, and hard-working in their behavior. They are good, law-abiding citizens with a desire to lead. They are very principled and thrive when they are helping and encouraging others to follow a set of beliefs and values.


Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Communication

How can ENTJ and ESTJ types communicate effectively with each other?

ENTJs and ESTJs are both Extroverted, Thinking, Judging personalities, meaning they prefer to spend time around others, base decisions on logical thinking, and follow set plans. However, ENTJs prefer to solve complex problems and consider hypotheticals, while ESTJs trust concrete, apparent details. ENTJs should try to address present facts around ESTJs, while ESTJs should avoid focusing too closely on specifics around ENTJs.

Resolving Conflict

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Conflict

How can ENTJ and ESTJ types resolve conflict?

Because ENTJs and ESTJs are both logical thinkers, they should address disagreements objectively. ENTJs should allow ESTJs to work through issues individually, while ESTJs should be understanding when ENTJs connect events and consider problems collectively.

Building Trust

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Trust

How can ENTJ and ESTJ types build trust?

ENTJs are likely to trust ESTJs who avoid getting too stuck in specifics and details; ESTJs should spend intentional time with ENTJs.

ESTJs tend to trust ENTJs who engage in discussion or debate about a particular topic; ESTJs will feel more connected to ENTJs once they know more about their personal beliefs.

Working Together

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Working Together

How can ENTJ and ESTJ types work together?

ENTJs and ESTJs are both charismatic, organized deep-thinkers. ENTJs bring creative problem-solving, while ESTJs bring attention to detail. ENTJs can help ESTJs consider new ways to address an issue, while ESTJs can help ENTJs focus more on present events.

Dealing with Change

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Change

How can ENTJ and ESTJ types deal with change?

ENTJs and ESTJs may struggle when faced with unexpected change, as they tend to plan far in advance. They should support one another during a transitional period by weighing the benefits of the situation and creating a new way to achieve their personal goals.

Managing Stress

ENTJ and ESTJ types need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Managing Stress

ENTJ types are easily stressed by...

  • Time spent in isolation
  • Failing to accomplish their goals
  • Last minute or unexpected changes
  • Opening up emotionally with others
Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Managing Stress

ESTJ types are easily stressed by...

  • Inconsistent relationships with others
  • Emotional or vulnerable situations
  • Disappointments from other people
  • Unfamiliar experiences and unexpected change

ENTJs should avoid using hypotheticals around ESTJs.

ESTJs should avoid being overly concerned with specifics and details around ENTJs.

Encouraging and Motivating

ENTJ and ESTJ types can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Motivations

ENTJ types are motivated by...

  • Working closely with others
  • Accomplishing personal goals
  • Thinking up new and creative solutions
  • Structured schedules and organized environments
Myers-Briggs ENTJ & ESTJ Motivations

ESTJ types are motivated by...

  • Ethical, inspiring action from others
  • Organization and structure in their personal life
  • Time spent with the people they love
  • Strong and admirable leadership

ENTJs can motivate ESTJs by spending quality time with them.

ESTJs can encourage ENTJs by recognizing their personal accomplishments.

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