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What is Enneagram Type 4
(The Creative)?
People with an Enneagram type Four personality tend to be creative, sensitive, and expressive in their behavior. They like to be unique and seek to find their own identity. Though they desire relationships, they may seem distant and reserved, especially in group settings.


What is Enneagram Type 6
(The Loyalist)?
People with an Enneagram type Six personality tend to be engaging, hard-working, and responsible in their behavior. They want to feel safe and tend to be concerned with outside threats. They are very loyal and want to build close relationships with others.


Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Communication

How can Fours and Sixes communicate effectively with each other?

Enneagram Fours are driven by their need for uniqueness and individuality, while Sixes are motivated by a desire to be safe. Fours should be supportive and encouraging around Sixes, allowing them to feel secure. Sixes should try to connect emotionally with Fours, avoiding casual conversation.

Resolving Conflict

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Conflict

How can Fours and Sixes resolve conflict?

Fours should communicate their feelings calmly with Sixes while remaining open-minded and empathetic.

Sixes should be sensitive to Fours’ feelings by sharing in a gentle, even-tempered way. Fours and Sixes should each acknowledge their role in the situation.

Building Trust

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Trust

How can Fours and Sixes build trust?

Fours generally trust Sixes who communicate openly and connect on a deeper, emotional level. Sixes should be supportive and affirming of Fours’ creative abilities.

Sixes are likely to trust Fours who are reassuring and reliable. Fours should honor their commitments and avoid being inconsistent or unpredictable around Sixes.

Working Together

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Working Together

How can Fours and Sixes work together?

Fours tend to be creative and self-aware, while Sixes are usually responsible and practical.

Fours bring imaginative ideas and insight into a work environment; they can help Sixes find new ways to solve problems.

Sixes offer hard work and loyalty to a workplace. Sixes can help Fours set more realistic expectations.

Dealing with Change

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Change

How can Fours and Sixes deal with change?

Fours don’t tend to be very personally affected by change, as they are usually more concerned with their internal state. Sixes, however, may be disrupted by change, as they seek security and consistency in their lives. They are likely to adjust after developing a better understanding of the situation and taking time to reframe their mindset.

Managing Stress

Fours and Sixes need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Stress

Fours are easily stressed by...

  • Casual or meaningless conversation
  • Parties and large groups of unfamiliar people
  • Lack of personal creativity
  • Being interrupted or facing an argument
Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Stress

Sixes are easily stressed by...

  • Unreliable people and relationships
  • Negativity in their work or personal environment
  • Feeling as though they aren’t needed
  • Failing or making the wrong decision

Fours should avoid being overly negative around Sixes, while Sixes should avoid pushing Fours to be more practical.

Encouraging and Motivating

Fours and Sixes can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Encouragement

Fours are motivated by...

  • Building connections and relationships with others
  • Taking personal time to reconnect with themselves
  • Expressing their emotions through a form of art
  • Feeling valued and accepted for who they are
Enneagram Type 4 & Type 6 Encouragement

Sixes are motivated by...

  • Consistent and trustworthy relationships
  • Time spent with people they love
  • Offering help and assistance to others
  • Advocating for personal beliefs and values

Fours can encourage Sixes by spending quality time with them.

Sixes can motivate Fours by giving them space to reflect.

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