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What is Enneagram Type 1
(The Idealist)?
People with an Enneagram type One personality tend to be rational, principled, and judicial in their behavior. They usually have a desire for justice and equality. They are motivated by a strong sense of right and wrong.


What is Enneagram Type 4
(The Creative)?
People with an Enneagram type Four personality tend to be creative, sensitive, and expressive in their behavior. They like to be unique and seek to find their own identity. Though they desire relationships, they may seem distant and reserved, especially in group settings.


Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Communication

How can Ones and Fours communicate effectively with each other?

Ones and Fours are both idealistic personalities, focused on how the world could be better. Ones tend to be disciplined and objective, driven by their desire for morality. Fours are usually creative and individualistic, craving their own established, unique identity.

Ones should try to connect with Fours through meaningful, positive conversation.

Fours should avoid being too emotional around Ones by focusing on clearly expressing their thoughts.

Resolving Conflict

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Conflict

How can Ones and Fours resolve conflict?

Ones tend to process issues logically, while Fours prefer to work through the emotional impact of a situation. Ones should be sensitive and gentle by allowing Fours to share how they’re feeling and allowing them to take space when overwhelmed. Fours should avoid taking issues personally by focusing on compromising and discussing a situation calmly.

Building Trust

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Trust

How can Ones and Fours build trust?

Ones are likely to trust Fours who enjoy reflecting on shared interests, like ethics and art, while Fours tend to trust Ones who can connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

Working Together

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Working Together

How can Ones and Fours work together?

Enneagram Ones tend to be practical and systematic, while Fours are generally intense and expressive. Ones can help Fours work toward their idealistic goals, while Fours can help Ones recognize and appreciate their own emotions.

Dealing with Change

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Change

How can Ones and Fours deal with change?

Ones may have a difficult time adjusting to new situations that are out of their control. They are likely to be upset by unhelpful change and will likely advocate for a different solution. Fours tend to rely less on routine, meaning they don’t tend to act differently in new situations.

Managing Stress

Ones and Fours need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Stress

Ones are easily stressed by...

  • Being perceived as rigid or inflexible
  • Receiving criticism from those they admire
  • Feeling as though they can’t make a difference
  • Overwhelming reminders of corruption in the world
Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Stress

Fours are easily stressed by...

  • Casual or meaningless conversation
  • Parties and large groups of unfamiliar people
  • Lack of personal creativity
  • Being interrupted or facing an argument

Ones should give Fours plenty of space to process, while Fours should avoid being overly emotional around Ones.

Encouraging and Motivating

Ones and Fours can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Encouragement

Ones are motivated by...

  • Fighting for issues of social justice
  • Volunteering and helping those less fortunate
  • Finding the right solutions to problems
  • Pursuing their own personal growth
Enneagram Type 1 & Type 4 Encouragement

Fours are motivated by...

  • Building connections and relationships with others
  • Taking personal time to reconnect with themselves
  • Expressing their emotions through a form of art
  • Feeling valued and accepted for who they are

Ones can help motivate Fours by recognizing their unique identity.

Fours can encourage Ones by participating in intellectual discussion.

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