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Using Personality Data to Make a Good First Impression

Learn how different personalities prefer to interact so you can improve how you build rapport and make better first impressions with your prospects.

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Who is this for?

  1. Sales Representatives
  2. Sales Managers
  3. Sales Executives

What will you learn?

When someone makes an effort to address us in a way that comes naturally to ourselves, they are more likely to make a positive first impression.

By learning more about a buyer’s personality and understanding how to adapt your style to leave a positive impact, you can avoid bad first impressions and develop strong, impactful relationships with others that will benefit both parties in the long-run.


Topics covered:

Green check (1)     How personality can impact a first impression

Green check (1)     How to make a good impression on different personality types 

Green check (1)     Common Do's and Don'ts when trying to make a good impression

How personality insights help sales teams build strong relationships with buyers.

What is Crystal?

Crystal is the software platform for implementing, reinforcing, and scaling adaptive sales practices. We enable sales teams by predicting any prospect's personality using the well-validated personality framework, DISC. Once a prospect's personality is determined, our platform shares unique tips for how to best communicate with the many personalities a prospect can take.