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Using Adaptive Selling to Build Trust

Learn how to communicate more effectively and establish trust quicker with sales prospects by understanding their natural personality.

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Who is this for?

  1. Sales Representatives
  2. Sales Managers
  3. Sales Executives

What will you learn?

The best way to establish trust with a new prospect is to learn more about who they are and what matters the most to them. 

This eBook shares what matters most to different personality types and how you can more effectively communicate and build trust with your sales prospects.


Topics covered:

Green check (1)     Breakdown of what matters most to different personalities

Green check (1)     What to focus on when building trust with different personality types

Green check (1)     Common Do's and Don'ts when building trust with your buyer

What is Crystal?

Crystal is the software platform for implementing, reinforcing, and scaling adaptive sales practices. We enable sales teams by predicting any prospect's personality using the well-validated personality framework, DISC. Once a prospect's personality is determined, our platform shares unique tips for how to best communicate with the many personalities a prospect can take.