Introducing Jobs in Crystal

You can now use Crystal to predict job fit. Free for job-seekers. Starts at $99/mo for recruiters and hiring managers.

For years now, we’ve known that Crystal is more than a communication tool. Thousands of recruiters, hiring managers, and executives use Crystal every year to help them make better hiring decisions and build stronger teams. Additionally, even more job seekers use Crystal to help them understand their strengths and perform better in job interviews. 

These use cases have never been our primary focus (most of our customers come from sales and marketing), but nonetheless, this huge group continues to “hack” Crystal to help them answer questions like:

  • What kind of job should I pursue?
  • How can I optimize the mix of personalities on my team?
  • What are the key traits I should look for in job candidates?
  • How can I help my new hires succeed in their roles?

To be fair, Crystal’s existing tools have enabled some really interesting, creative solutions to these problems. Some recruiters have built our free platform into their company-wide hiring processes as a replacement for pre-hire assessments, even though it was originally intended as an employee-focused tool. Some leaders use our playbooks to identify behavioral gaps on their team they need to fill. Lots of job seekers use our Chrome extension to communicate more effectively in their interviews. 

We could not ignore these use cases any longer--there’s simply too much value for our users to gain--so in Q2 we decided to invest heavily in a new feature called Jobs.

What can I do with Jobs?

The Jobs feature allows recruiters, hiring managers, executives, and job-seekers to see the ideal behavioral traits required for any role, and measure the behavioral overlaps and gaps for any candidate (including themselves). Much like Playbooks, the Jobs feature is extremely flexible and customizable, so it can be used in all kinds of scenarios, company sizes, and industries. 

When we designed this feature, we started with a few goals in mind:

  • Help job-seekers narrow down their job search and find the positions where they are most likely to thrive. 
  • Help recruiters, hiring managers, and executives understand the ideal personality traits they need for each job opening. 
  • Make job interviews more efficient and productive for both parties. 
  • Give companies the behavioral data they need to build stronger teams, where each employee can harness their natural strengths. 

job page

How it works for recruiters, hiring managers, and executives

For anyone who needs to source candidates, run interviews, and make hiring decisions, the Jobs feature provides personality insights to make each step of the process more efficient and effective. Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Go to Jobs in the Crystal dashboard.

  2. Create a new Job. Include the job title, company, and job description.

  3. View the ideal candidate profile. Crystal will analyze the job description to generate a prediction for the ideal candidate, showing you the most important traits and behaviors to look for.

    In addition to the analysis, you can complete a “behavior survey” to make the ideal candidate profile more accurate and specific. This survey can be completed by anyone on your team who may be impacted by this hire, including the role’s manager, peers, or subordinates.

  4. Add Candidates to the Job. You can test this out by adding yourself as the first candidate for the job, to measure your own Job Fit Score.

    With a Premium+ plan, you can invite candidates to complete a personality assessment for this job (they won’t need to sign up for Crystal) and add any of your existing people as a candidate (including your coworkers and predictions).

  5. For each candidate, you can create a custom “Interview” playbook, which provides detailed comparisons between the candidate and the job, as well as helpful interview questions to cover the most important topics. Each question focuses on a potential “gap” between the candidate’s personality profile and the ideal profile for the job, so you can understand how the candidate has learned to adjust their behaviors to stretch into different situations (since there is no such thing as a perfect match).

  6. When you have added all of your candidates, you can create a Playbook that allows you to evaluate all of them as a group, rather than individually. See an example here.


How it works for job seekers

If you’re one of the tens of millions of people currently looking for a job, this new feature can help you find a role that fits your natural strengths and allows you to thrive (all for free). We’ll have more updates on this in the near future, but for now, here’s how you can use Jobs: 

  1. Go to Jobs in your Crystal dashboard.

  2. Create a Job for any role that you’re thinking about applying for. Include the title, company, and job description.

  3. Crystal will analyze the job description and give you a prediction for the behaviors that are most likely required for this job.

  4. Add yourself as a candidate to see your Job Fit score, which tells you how well your own behavioral strengths overlap with the requirements for this job.

  5. Create Playbooks to compare yourself with any Job, or any group of Jobs (requires a Premium plan or higher). 

jobs on personality

How does pricing work for Jobs?

For job seekers, this feature is completely free. You can analyze as many job descriptions and get your Job Fit score for as many different jobs as you want. We want to help you find a job where you can grow and thrive. 

For recruiters, hiring managers, and executives, pricing for the Jobs feature starts at $99/mo (our Premium+ plan). This allows you to add candidates for unlimited jobs and view their Job Fit scores. 

The Premium+ plan also allows you to create a certain number playbooks per month. If you would like to create more playbooks or unlock features like white-labeling, you can upgrade to our Enterprise plans, which start at $499/mo. 

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have questions or feedback.

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