Communicating Effectively on Your Zoom Meetings

While many of us are currently communicating with others through video conferencing, it’s important to step up our game in each meeting to have effective communication.

Here at Crystal, we’ve recently introduced a new tool called Playbooks that should help. A Playbook allows you to access situation-specific personality insights and advice for a certain person or group so that you can communicate most effectively with them, even over Zoom.

What is a Playbook?

A Playbook is a customizable web page that gives you personality insights and advice for a specific group of people and a specific situation. It can tell you things like: 

  • How a potential new hire might relate to their new colleagues and boss. 
  • How leaders can resolve conflict within their team.  
  • How your key customer personas think, behave, and make decisions. 

Why Playbooks?

Playbooks can help make each meeting run more smoothly. With Playbooks, each person has a chance to better understand others and communicate most effectively. Insights offered through Playbooks can help people understand their own personality as well as others and how they affect different situations. 

By utilizing Playbooks, your team can have more effective, impactful communication. 

Playbooks allow you to see personality insights most relevant to the purpose of your meeting. Even better - they’re easy to create.

How to create Playbooks?

Here’s everything you need to know about creating a playbook for your next Zoom meeting.

1. Add the personality profiles to Crystal

In order to create a playbook, you first need to have profiles to feature. You can create the profiles by either inviting users to sign up by sharing the unique invite link found on your People page or by using Crystal’s Chrome Extension to create predicted profiles through LinkedIn.

2. Go to Playbooks Builder

From the Crystal Dashboard, you should see a tab called “Playbooks” in the menu at the top right of the screen. Or, you can click here to find Playbooks instantly. This will bring you to the Playbooks Builder where you can get started with creating your Playbook.

3. Select profiles

In the left portion of the page, you’ll see a list of your Crystal profiles. Here, you can select which people to include in the Playbook.

4. Select your template

After selecting profiles for your playbook, you’ll see a list of template options to choose from that help customize the Playbook to fit your specific needs. This helps ensure that the information you’ll get about each person’s personality is directly relevant to the purpose of the meeting.

5. Create your Playbook

Customize the name of your Playbook and select “Create Playbook” to see the insights.

6. Share your Playbook

Once you create your Playbook, it’s shareable, downloadable, and printable. You can share the unique URL with those in the meeting and they will be able to see a read-only version. Or if you prefer documents, you can download it as a PDF file. Either way, it’s a great idea to share the information with everyone to help the meeting run as smoothly as possible.

By using Playbooks to help communicate more effectively in your Zoom meetings, you can ensure everyone is able to get the most out of each meeting. Whether you’re discussing group projects, presenting a new idea, or delivering a sales pitch to a prospect, you’re sure to get more accomplished when you prepare ahead of time with Playbooks.

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