2020 Profile and Pricing Update

As of mid-January 2020, we have made some changes to our pricing and the way personality profiles work on Crystal.

This only impacts personality profiles on the Crystal dashboard — all Predictions customers have the same unlimited access to the Crystal Chrome Extension and pricing for that has not changed

There were a few factors driving these changes:

  • Our free platform has grown dramatically over the past year, and we want to be able to allocate more resources to making the traditional personality assessments like DISC, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and eventually Strengths an amazing experience for you.
  • We have learned that many of our customers prefer a pay-as-you-go model for access to Predictions personality insights for things like hiring, onboarding, and training.
  • We wanted to make Relationship Reports and Group Reports more accessible to our customers, without an expensive monthly or annual subscription. 

So, with all of that considered, we developed a new pricing model that gives you access to the most robust, detailed, and comprehensive personality profiles on the market at a very affordable cost that scales with any size company. Here are the details...

What’s staying the same?

  • Take personality assessments like DISC, Myers-Briggs, and Enneagram for free, and publish the results on your profile.
  • Print out your profile as a PDF, poster, or social media image to easily share personality types with your friends and coworkers.
  • View anyone’s personality test results for free on the Crystal dashboard and mobile app, as long as they have published their Crystal profile.
  • Upgrade to a Predictions account for $29/mo for unlimited access to the Chrome Extension, so you can predict anyone’s personality as you browse LinkedIn and other sites. 

What’s new?

  • Full personality profiles can now be unlocked for $49 per year, giving you and all coworkers lifetime access to: 
    • Insights about strengths, blind spots, behavior, job fit, energizers, stressors, etc. 
    • Advice for communicating, negotiating, resolving conflict, providing feedback, etc. 
    • One-on-one personality trait comparisons and relationship insights.  
  • Relationship Reports (2 people) and Group Reports (3+ people) are now unlimited and free for any Premium profile.
  • Volume discounts are available for companies and teams who would like to upgrade large group of profiles

To unlock any personality profile, view that profile in your Crystal dashboard. On each of the locked modules, you will see a button that allows you to unlock it:

When you click “Upgrade”, you will get a popup where you can enter your credit card or use an existing payment method. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.07.48 PM

Once you have upgraded the profile, you and everyone at your company will have access to view the profile. They will also be able to use the profile in any Relationship Report or Group Report.

Depending on how you use Crystal at your company, it could be better to pay for profiles as you go, or purchase a subscription. If you have any questions about what the best option is for you, please contact us.

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