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Understand the person behind the name

Communicate more effectively with co-workers, prospects, and customers by applying personality insights into your conversations.

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B2B Interactive Marketing helps B2B sales organizations generate sales through LinkedIn content distribution and relationship marketing. With the help of Crystal's personality data platform, they accelerate relationship building, shorten sales cycles, and increase profitability for their clients; resulting in a $10-$15 return on every $1 invested in content marketing.

Discover how Crystal + B2B Interactive Marketing can help boost your B2B sales organization today.

The Personality Data Platform

Crystal gives organizations a deeply integrated platform for scaling emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills across the entire team, from junior employees to senior-level executives.

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Start any business conversation with confidence

Learn the natural personality of your contact and get instant tips for how to best communicate, gain trust, and build relationships with them.

Our tools give you actionable communication tactics that align to your contact's personality, resulting in more effective calls, meetings, and emails.


We're in the business of promoting quality conversations over quantity.

The way people communicate, behave, and make decisions is influenced by their unique personality type. By understanding the differences among different personalities, you can effortlessly adjust your communication to connect more naturally with anyone, in any circumstance.


Build stronger relationships

Strengthen relationships and build trust by speaking in line with your buyer's core value.

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Book more meetings

Know what to say and what not to say when your team requests a meeting with your prospect's personality type.

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Get more responses

Elicit more responses by delivering your sales pitch in a way that resonates with your prospect's specific personality.

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Convert more opportunities

Use the right words, approach and tone to create urgency with your decision-maker’s personality.

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Lead with emotional intelligence and promote collaboration

As a leader, it is your duty to be adaptable to different personality types and communication styles.

By understanding the personality make-up of your team and their working style, you can facilitate better communication resulting in stronger teamwork and performance.

Think of Crystal as your team's communication coach

Crystal equips business leaders with a platform that develops emotional intelligence and scales effective communication practices for every individual throughout the organization.

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Scale emotional intelligence

Boost team morale by understanding how your team members, managers, and direct reports prefer to communicate and collaborate.

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Foster authentic relationships

Reduce breakdowns in communication by understanding your teammate's and supervisor's personality and how to best work with them.

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Develop communication skills

Enable your team with a platform that teaches effective, empathetic communication skills, especially in remote working environments.

How does Crystal know your personality?

Crystal reveals the personality of anyone with an online presence using the well-validated personality framework, DISC.

DISC categorizes individuals into four main personality types: Dominant (D-Type), Influential (I-Type), Steady (S-Type), and Conscientious (C-Type). DISC is unique to other personality frameworks, such as Myers-Briggs or Big Five, as it focuses on how personality translates to external behavior, rather than internal thoughts

Crystal's personality prediction model is built around two main components:


Proprietary DISC assessment results

Our proprietary data set of DISC assessment results is well validated with over hundreds of thousands of anonymized responses.


Analysis of publicly available traits

Personalities are predicted by analyzing a unique combination of publicly available traits, such as job title, industry experience, skills, interests, and more.

Tools that come with Crystal's platform:

Our platform comes with a suite of tools that reveal the natural personality of anyone with an online presence and then suggests personality-based communication tips.

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Discover the natural personality of your contact and get instant tips for how to best communicate with them across business scenarios.

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Get real-time suggestions into the specific words, phrases, and sentences suited for different personalities so you can write more persuasively.

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Build personalized playbooks with rich insights to better navigate both internal and external meetings.

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Automatically enrich contacts in Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRMs with rich personality data via native integration, API or CSV uploads.

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